B2B Twitter Tips: Social Media Marketing

April 23, 2017

Twitter can be a great platform for generating leads and brand awareness. B2B brands using Twitter must do so strategically. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you expect. Check out these 10 B2B Twitter tips. By incorporating these B2B Twitter tips, you can actually begin to see ROI (return on investment) for your efforts. Share … Continue Reading »

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips: Beyond the “We Miss You” Email

Our inboxes are full. There’s tremendous competition and noise. How can a marketer break through and reconnect with customers? Ecommerce email marketing is typically littered with time sensitive offers and promotions to get users to the checkout. But what about those customers who have gone silent? They aren’t opening your emails nor shopping on your … Continue Reading »

Optimize Social Media Imagery

April 16, 2017

Social media imagery is an important part of social media marketing. Posts with images get more views. It’s been proven time and time again. Think about it – how often do you click on links with images versus those without? Humans continue to have shorter and shorter attention spans, thus imagery helps peak their interest. … Continue Reading »

Conversion-Centered Design Continuance: Principle 7

We are at the end of our conversion-centered design series. Conversion-centered design continuance is actually about what happens after the conversion. You need to be thinking about the next step and how you can add value to the user. But it’s okay to ask for something. At this point, the user must have some trust … Continue Reading »

Conversion-Centered Design Principle 6: Closing

January 25, 2017

Now we are nearing the end of our conversion-centered design principles series. The principle of closing relates to closing the deal. This is where the user must make a decision. The clock is ticking, well figuratively at least. Your design and content got them to the landing page, but how can you optimize the close? Let’s … Continue Reading »

Why You Need a Professional Graphic Designer

January 23, 2017

How much do you cringe when you see amateur designs? It’s a complete turnoff, right? It certainly doesn’t make you want to click that offer or read that post. The truth is you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create a website or brand, but it will certainly show. If you want … Continue Reading »

How to Choose Blog Images to Increase Views

December 6, 2016

First of all, it’s important to note that blog imagery is a necessity, not an option. However, choosing blog images can be time consuming and frustrating. If you are blogging about ideas and services versus actual products, choosing blog images can seem overwhelming. You may be thinking why does it even matter? Hubspot rounded up … Continue Reading »

Conversion-Centered Design: Principle 5 – Credibility

For the fifth blog in the conversion-centered design series, we are talking about credibility. Credibility means that the user who lands on your landing page needs to feel like your brand is trustworthy. Just because you say it is, doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. If users are unfamiliar with your brand, which would be the majority … Continue Reading »

Conversion-Centered Design: Principle 4 – Congruence

December 1, 2016

This is the fourth blog in the series on conversion-centered design. So what is congruence? It’s probably not a word you use in every day conversation. It’s really just a fancy word for agreement or harmony. This principle focuses specifically on ensuring that every element on your landing page is aligned with your goal. So … Continue Reading »

Holiday Email Design Tips

November 28, 2016

It’s time to start thinking about your holiday email. Millions will be sent this year. Wondering how to make yours stand out. Here are some holiday email design tips. Be unconventional. Instead of using traditional imagery, use the opportunity to be unconventional with your holiday email. Email marketing continues to be one of the best … Continue Reading »