Five Digital Marketing Myths Busted


Digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, most of it is kind of easy if you have the right team. The benefits of digital marketing far outweigh any risks. And your return on investment (ROI) from digital marketing is likely to be much greater than traditional marketing – if you can even calculate it.  But there are still a lot of digital marketing myths out there – so we’re clearing things up.

According to research, only 47 percent of brands have a digital marketing strategy. That doesn’t necessarily mean the other 53 percent are doing nothing; they just aren’t committed enough to have a strategy. And the amount spent on digital marketing isn’t ebbing. Magna Global predicts digital advertising spending worldwide will grow to $191.85 billion dollars this year.  So guess what, if you’re not at the party, you should probably head on over. And if you’re being the wallflower, it’s time to perk up.

Let’s look at the digital marketing myths that need busting!

Myth One: Only certain industries will benefit from digital marketing.

You may think that only retailers can benefit from digital marketing. Not so. Really, any company can benefit from digital marketing. Consider this: individuals spend as many as eight hours a day online. So don’t think your audience isn’t online looking for information and solutions. They are there, and you can connect with them with valuable content that interests them. A well-thought-out content marketing plan is often the backbone of digital marketing. Providing relevant, engaging content about specific topics will get you lots of views leading to more conversions.

Myth Two: Digital Marketing is only for big brands.

Not true by a long shot. Small and medium-size businesses can reap great rewards from digital marketing. It’s a low-cost option, especially when compared with print ads or commercials. And it’s much easier to find out the ROI related to digital marketing than traditional. Digital marketing opens up all kinds of opportunities for small and medium size businesses. With little investment or overhead, they can expose a lot more viewers to their products and services.

Myth Three: Only millennials are online.

Millennials do love their devices. But this affection has quickly been spreading to other age groups. The numbers for all age groups continue to increase especially around online shopping and social media use. If you’re not in front of these consumers through digital marketing, somebody else will be.

Myth Four: Digital Marketing is too expensive.

This one is simply not true. There are many opportunities to test and try different channels without spending a lot. Try some Facebook ads for as little as $10 a day. Set up a Google AdWords campaign for a $100. Start small and test out what works. Getting your brand in front of more faces could benefit you.

Myth Five: Digital marketing requires technical skills.

Relax; you don’t have to be a technical genius to be successful in digital marketing. There are many ways in which a small or medium-sized company can execute digital marketing initiatives. It’s great to have some solid team members who are versatile; it’s also convenient to get help from a third party. Marketing firms have a range of talented individuals who can help you with design, strategies and content creation. Partner with a firm that understands your goals, and develops a plan to get there.

Now that the truth is exposed and myths busted, it’s time to try out some digital marketing tactics. If you’d like help with strategies, content or website development, we’re here!