Easy Tips to Improve Your B2B Facebook Profile

B2B Facebook profile

Facebook, despite some recent mistakes, continues to be a powerhouse in social media marketing. And, it’s not just a site for businesses that sell direct to customers. B2B businesses have opportunities as well. At the end of the day, a B2B company is still selling to a person. If you buyer lands on your profile, you want it to be impressive, not desolate. It’s super easy to tweak your profile. Check out these ways to improve your B2B Facebook profile.

Optimize Your Header and Profile Image

Seems simple, right. Just upload an image for your header and profile. Unfortunately, lots of brands fail here. Or, if they do have images, they aren’t the best. PIxelation and weird cropping can turn your profile page into a giant mess. Be sure that images are optimized before uploading to your B2B Facebook profile.

These images aren’t one and done either. Keep them fresh. Update your header based on seasonality of whatever is going on in your business or industry. Be sure it ties into your current campaigns and messaging.

Complete Your Profile – It’s Worth the Time

The About Section absolutely matters. It’s a great way to tell your story. Don’t just write down the facts. Tell the reader why they should engage with you. Focus on benefits, not features. Still, keep it short. Look to branded language like your value proposition or elevator pitch to help you here.

Create a Next Step

So, now that you’ve got visitors to your profile page, get them to take the next step with a call-to-action (CTA) button. There are several options. You can ask users to sign-up for a newsletter or a webinar. Or, you can go with a more general Learn More option that goes to a landing page with an offer relevant to your prospect.

Pin a Post to Your B2B Facebook Profile

When you pin a post to your profile, its’ the first post visitors see. Consider it your featured post. You may choose to change it weekly or monthly, depending on campaigns. Consider it another way to integrate your campaign among all channels. A pinned post should always lead back to your website.

Get Reviewed

With reviews on your B2B Facebook profile could be huge in offering social proof to visitors. And doing it on Facebook is a smart bet, as research from a 2017 survey found that Facebook is one of the most trusted sites for reviews. The experience of other influences buyers. It builds your credibility and lets visitors know you are trustworthy and reliable.

Liven Up Your B2B Facebook Profile

Facebook is a critical component of your social media marketing strategy. It stands as one of the largest and most dynamic distribtion channels available. But, you have to be active and have a profile that attracts interest. Start improving it today with these B2B Facebook profile tips.