Why You Need a Website Designer


Whether you are starting a new business or working on a rebrand, your website is one of the most important elements for marketing and sales. And although there are plenty of easy do it yourself applications for website design, there’s still a lot of reasons you need a website designer. To ensure success, your website has to look amazing and function correctly. Any shortcuts may mean losing business. Here’s a look at why you need a website designer.

You deserve a unique design.

Most build it yourself sites have templates to chose from, some of which may be customizable. However, don’t think this is an easy road. Maybe the site only offers templates in certain categories or only allows certain changes like color. If you are stuck with only a few choices, chances are there are lots of websites already out there with the same template. A website designer can offer a unique design, crafted specifically to suit your brand and your needs. That means you get to decide how the page looks, the font, the colors and photos – all customized just for you!

You must have a responsive design.

Responsive design means that the website can be viewed from any device correctly. Mobile devices are beginning to the favored means to view websites so if you’re not mobile friendly then users are going to bounce immediately. Not all off the shelf website creators offer this, or if they do, the price increases dramatically. So start the process the right way with a website designer who understands all the necessary coding required for a responsive website.

You’re not a designer.

Many people think they have all the skills necessary to create a website. Many website building applications make it seem easy. But what about all the things that a professional website designer considers that you don’t? Just like you are an expert in your field, website designers are experts on design. They think about things you never would like white space, alignment, color pairing, typography and more. If you want a site that looks professional, then hire an expert.

You don’t design websites one time.

The design of your website isn’t a one and done exercise. It’s important to keep refreshing the design, adding content and updating images. When your website looks renewed every few weeks or monthly, users will keep coming back to see what you add next. This increase in visitors and refreshes also signals to search engines that your site is popular, which could help you increase in rankings for organic search. Maintaining a website can be time consuming, and why add one more thing to your list? Employing a website designer on a monthly basis to keep your website updated will ensure that it gets done and is done well.

Running a business, whether big or small, is challenging. Your website should be the place where you can share what you do, generate leads and connect with your audience. If it doesn’t look professional or feels cookie cutter, it may drive visitors away. Finding a great website designer to partner with can help your brand stay consistent and shine. Learn more about how to find the right designer for you by reading our ebook.