Rice Wrap Sushi

Website Design In-house Sushi Solution

Project Description

Our challenge was to create a website that not only showcases Rice Wrap Sushi’s unique fresh products but also how to educate the buyer on how the in-house sushi rolling solution will work for their particular application in a food buffet line, such as in a University, corporate cafeteria, etc.

Typically, rolling sushi is a time-consuming and complicated process that may not seem to fit the fast-paced energy of a traditional food buffet, but this system changes that by eliminating the need to mix, roll and cut sushi by hand.

To emphasize the solution’s ease of use, we created a user experience that demonstrates 4 easy to follow steps and 3 main categories: Rice, Protein and the necessary tools to make the perfect sushi rolls. By doing this, we help the buyer realize that adding this sushi solution to their buffet line is easier than they may have imagined.