Random Acts of Marketing Don’t Work


Do you have this uncomfortable feeling like your website and marketing are completely random? Although, you may be a subject matter expert in your industry or for your brand doesn’t mean you should have all the answers on how to market it. The simple truth is random acts of marketing don’t work.

Website design and marketing are specialized fields with unique skill sets. So, today, we want to just offer you a lifeline. We want to move you from random to purpose, from reactive to proactive. By having the right design and marketing team working with you, you can find success.

Here’s how we’ll help you get a plan.

Website Audit

We’ll give you a no BS response to your current website. We’ll tell you what’s working and what has to go. Then we send you a report with recommendations for design, user experience (UX) and functionality as well as content and inbound marketing. After that, we can talk about next steps. Get your website audit now.

Content Plan

You’re going to need a content plan. Content impacts everything that you do. You need it to post on social media. You need it to keep visitors on your website longer. It’s what you can offer in an email or a landing page.

Great content that solves challenges and gives people the answers they need (and by the way you’ve got all the solutions) leads to more customers. But it can’t be haphazard. It needs to be targeted at your buyer persona. It needs to be part of a campaign. There must be strategy around content. Otherwise, you’re just throwing darts with your eyes closed.

Brand Cohesion

How cohesive is your brand? Do you have a style guide? Are your images, colors and fonts consistent across channels? If you’re not sure of the answers or if you know your random branding offender, that’s okay. We can help. We’ll take what you have and expand it, or we’ll start from scratch. Either way, we can provide you with a brand that’s always on point.

Lead Generation

Once, your website, content and brand look and sound great, it’s time to generate leads. Generating leads isn’t something that happens in a vacuum. It’s all the parts of your marketing footprint working together to present a great story to your ideal buyer personas. It’s blogging and posting on social media. The story takes other formats in value driven email campaigns and landing pages that convert. It’s also what you do offline at trade shows or events.

Oh, and by the way, things can always change due to the industry, market or your customers. Marketing and branding, like life, often keeps us on our toes. But if you have a strong strategy that answers the “why” of what you do then you can remain steady.

If you’re ready to get real instead of random, we’d love to chat. The only thing we can guarantee is we’ll work hard and smart to help your brand grow.