SME Digital Marketing Tips

SME digital marketing

Digital marketing is a great tool for any business. Don’t dismiss it because of your company’s size. In fact, digital marketing helps small businesses compete where it matters. SME digital marketing allows you to attract leads, educate prospects and build brand awareness. Digital marketing isn’t just a strategy for large businesses; it’s a key to success for SMEs, too. However, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you’re going to reap all the benefits of digital marketing. You’ll also need to create content and enhance design. In this post, we’re sharing some SME digital marketing tips you’ll want to know.

Defining digital marketing

In its simplest terms, digital marketing is your online persona. It’s a term that includes many different aspects like content marketing, UX, email campaigns, SEO, social media and more. The goal of most digital marketing is to generate leads for a business. Looking at each of these elements is a great way to begin to understand and leverage digital marketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing is defined as content that educates, engages and inspires. It’s not product or service focused. It’s not a commercial for your brand. Instead, it delivers solutions and ideas, which then tie back to your brand. Content marketing is about putting the right message in the right place for your audience to see it. It includes blogging, video, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers and more.

The best content marketing is built on a foundation of storytelling. It’s an almost intimate exchange between brand and audience. For your content marketing to be successful, you should create buyer personas, craft a distinct voice and tone, and determine the goals of your content. Once you have a foundation, you should create a content calendar around specific keywords, campaigns or objectives.

Website design and the user experience (UX)

Websites must do more than look nice. Your customer’s experience on your website has a lot to do with whether they convert and come back. Consider these statistics:

  • percent of users said a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a brand
  • Mobile users are five times more likelyto abandon a purchase or task if the site doesn’t provide a great mobile UX

Thus, it’s imperative that your site is easy to use on every platform. You cannot ignore the importance of a great mobile UX. As more and more of the population spends increasing amounts of their time on mobile interaction, you must consider a mobile-first design approach.  Otherwise, you’re at risk of losing business.

Email marketing

Email isn’t dead. Not even close. It still has the best ROI of any digital marketing channel.  According to research, 18 percent of companies reported an ROI of more than $76. The importance of email marketing for SMEs is huge – it’s an opportunity to customize messaging and offers based on segmenting. It allows you to continue the conversation and offer content. To continue to foster engagement on this channel (opens and clicks), be relevant and valuable. Understand the threshold for your users regarding how often you send emails. Be to the point, creative and interesting.

Get started with digital marketing now

These are just a few SME digital marketing tips. There are many more to consider and discuss. Adopting digital marketing initiatives creates digital engagement. Executing effective digital marketing projects can be a catalyst for growth. It’s great to find a partner that understands the digital marketing opportunities for SMEs. As a SME, you probably have enough on your plate. So, let us take some of it on for you, with expert digital marketing help that’s affordable and of the highest quality. We can help you develop digital marketing campaigns that yield great results. Get in touch today to learn more.