Three Small Business Digital Marketing Trends


Staying on course in digital marketing can be tricky. We look at three small business digital marketing trends worth navigating.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing discipline. That’s why it’s great to test out new trends. Digital marketing isn’t just your website or your social media profiles. It’s everything that makes up your online presence. There’s certainly not a choice for brands to be online or not. You have to have a digital footprint, so make it the best foot forward.

With so many options on what to optimize or leverage, it can be hard to navigate the digital marketing seas. As longtime digital marketing sailors, we’ll help steer you the right way. Here are three small business digital marketing trends we think are worth the journey.

Personalize experiences

Audiences have become very savvy and sophisticated. They demand relevant experiences when they land on a website. If you have multiple audiences, which could be segmented by industry, buying stage or other factors, it’s important to create the most personalized experience to increase the likelihood of conversion. Research has determined that 70 percent of online shoppers expect a personal experience.

As a small or medium size business, you can create an experience. You can execute this trend in several ways: email marketing (segmenting lists to determine the most relevant content) or with retargeting ads reminding users after they leave your website of why they should return.

Use data to develop better relationships

Marketing and customer behavior data can help brands create better relationships with their customers. There are great insights in your data. You just need to know where to look. The value of analytics actually increases as the relationship continues. This means the data you’re collecting around your audience and your strategies shouldn’t end just because a conversion or purchase occurs.

When looking for insights, pay attention to what pages or posts are popular. Understand which types of post get the most engagement. A/B test emails and landing pages to reveal conversion trends.

You don’t need a “data engine” to glean insights; just expertise and experience to find the nuggets of information that matter.

Optimize for voice search

Voice search is growing more popular with daily usage by 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults. Voice search is shifting some of the tenets of search engine optimisation (SEO) because we speak differently than we type. A user is more likely to ask Siri or Alexa a question whereas if typing into Google, they may just use a few words. You can optimize for voice search with several tactics: write content based on questions and answers and with a more conversational tone by emphasize long-tail keywords. This is an easy one to take advantage of because it’s really about tweaking your content marketing plan to best address voice search.

While these small business digital marketing trends aren’t rocket science, there’s still work to execute them. Maybe you’re a team of one or 20, but just don’t have the bandwidth or skill set to keep your digital marketing on target. Start by getting a health check for your website. We’ll provide a no BS review with recommendations to turn your website and digital marketing into revenue generators not investment drainers.