Why Web Design Matters

You only get one chance for a great first impression.

In 2016 a great website design is not just recommended; it’s a necessity for success. If you have ever wondered why web design matters, then here’s three reasons that prove it absolutely does.


If a user is considering your brand, a trip to your website is often their first experience. If they land on a website that hasn’t been updated in years, isn’t mobile friendly and looks outdated, the impression isn’t going to be positive. They may even wonder if you are still in business. Imagine any first impression with a company in which you want to do business: having a website from three years ago is the same thing as having cobwebs in your windows. Users are going to downgrade your credibility and more often than not, keep moving.

Whereas, a modern design that considers the user experience will boost the authority of your brand, and that’s why webs design matters.

User Experience (UX)

Older websites don’t have the functionality for the now common savvy user. If your website doesn’t convert to mobile devices and isn’t mobile friendly, then you are losing a tremendous amount of traffic. Every day the number of users interacting with websites on mobile devices goes up. Thus, you have design for the mobile world. Think simply navigation and layouts that translate well across multiple screen sizes. Enhancing UX means to put yourself in the role of user versus designer. Seeing from this side can help you see small changes that can convert to more views and conversions.


Your website is the number one driver of conversions. A conversion or lead is however you may want to define: a content download, a request for quote, blog sign-up – but it typically involves the exchange of information. Website design absolutely impacts conversion. Take landing pages for example: they are an extension of your website but act as purely a mechanism for a conversion.

Unbounce is the authority on landing pages. They have boiled it down to a science. That doesn’t mean that you are assured conversions. You have to determine what works for your audience. Yes, there are many other elements that will influence conversion: is the offer valuable? Relevant? Targeted? And can anyone find it? But once you get someone to a landing page or website, web design matters! From the layout to visuals used to placement of form, all these design elements work together to drive the user to the conversion. If your website isn’t optimized to do this then you aren’t going to receive the results you want.

Web design matters; it’s an aspect of marketing you can control and test. With great website design, you can build credibility, improve the user experience and increase conversions. If your website isn’t working for you, send us a note. We’re here to elevate your website design and help you find success.