Successful Strategies for Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding your business

Discover effective strategies to successfully rebrand your business and attract more customers. Assessing Your Current Brand Identity Before embarking on a rebranding journey, it’s essential to assess your current brand identity. Take a close look at your brand’s values, mission, and visual elements. Evaluate how well your current brand is resonating with your target audience […]

The Cost Comparison: Freelance Graphic Designer vs Design Agency

Hiring a freelance graphic designer

Exploring the financial benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer versus a design agency. Understanding the Cost Structure of Freelance Designers When it comes to hiring a freelance graphic designer, understanding the cost structure is essential. Unlike design agencies, freelance designers typically charge on a project-by-project basis or an hourly rate. This can provide more flexibility […]

Maximizing Your Advertising Spend in an Election Year

Learn how to strategically allocate your advertising budget during an election year to reach maximum impact. Understanding the Election Year Landscape In an election year, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the political landscape. This includes being aware of the political climate, key issues, and the candidates running for office. By staying […]

The Power of Brand Identity Development

Brand identity and logo design

Discover the impact of a strong brand identity on your business success. Crafting a Memorable Brand Story The power of brand identity development is essential for capturing the attention and loyalty of your target audience. A compelling brand story helps you connect with your customers on an emotional level, making your brand more relatable and […]

How To Choose A Mid-century Font For Your Web Design Project

web design project

In the past, a web designer could turn to TrueType or MonoType fonts but these fonts are slow loading. Bridge the gap between creative and fast loading by exploring the newest fonts added to the Google Fonts project. The Google Font Project The Google Font project is “making the web more beautiful, fast, and open […]

Avoiding “Visionary Scope Creep”

Visionary scope creep happens

Visionary Scope Creep will derail your Web Design Project. Visionary “Founder” clients are often very successful because they take risks. They work on groundbreaking ideas that take months and may not come to fruition for years. For some web design agencies creating a forward-looking website can be very fulfilling. One of the pitfalls of working […]

Evergreen Content – The key to a solid SEO base

Evergreen Content Tips for websites

What is Evergreen Content for a website? Relevancy. No one wants their pieces of writing to die out and be lost and forgotten in the plethora of saturated content on the internet. So that begs the question. How can one stay relevant? How can one deliver more ROI to one’s respective company for the cost […]

Build Your Website for Mobile First

mobile first

Mobile First? But My Site Is Already Mobile Responsive While mobile usage continues to increase among consumers, the fact is that phones, tablets, and desktop computers are all still relatively equal when it comes to the devices consumers use. When it comes to conversions, well … websites visited via desktop continue to earn higher conversion […]

How to Embed Images Without Slowing Down Your Website

embed images

Having a Fast Loading Website Helps UX and SERP Rankings Websites these days are all about the user experience. We want our information to be delivered quickly, and we want it delivered seamlessly. Help the User, Get Rewarded from Google So what does that mean for a website with lots of images and advertisements that […]

How to Use Subscriber Forms to Increase Conversions

subscriber forms

Subscriber Forms can Increase Conversion or Ruin the User Experience You know the drill. You do an online search on a topic, click on a site that looks good, and start reading about the company. Then about five seconds later, before you’ve had a chance to process what you’re looking at, there it is. A […]