Content Marketing 101


Content Marketing isn’t a new marketing principle; nor is it a fad or trend. Many would say it’s the future of marketing. However, there still seems to be confusion around exactly what it is and what it isn’t. And surprisingly, some of the biggest brands in the world still don’t understand it or how to […]

Six Design Optimizations for Law Firm Websites


Law firm websites do more than just talk about what a firm does. Pictures of your attorneys and their specialties may inform visitors. But how does that generate leads? Your law firm website needs to work for you, attracting users to take the next step. You want them to enjoy your content and begin to […]

You Have a Website, Now What


How to use digital marketing and design to grow your brand Your brand has a website. Great, you’re officially a part of the digital world. Your website is the central communication hub of your brand. But just having a website won’t grow your business or generate leads. You’ll need to employ digital marketing and design […]

Destination Inn Website Showcases John Randall House

John Randall House Website Design

John Randall House, a boutique inn located in Provincetown, Mass., launched a new website designed by Doug Brown Design. The inn website needed to meet several goals. The owners worked with Doug Brown Design to meet many objectives. The website needed to: Showcase John Randall Inn as a destination inn, playing up its proximity to […]

Doug Brown Design Celebrates 10 Years


This month, Doug Brown Design celebrates 10 years. Reaching the 10-year mark is a big deal for a small business. What once began as a small design studio has grown to a full-service design and marketing firm. In 2007, Doug Brown saw a need in the marketplace for more one-on-one interaction between designers and clients. […]

Law Firm Inbound Marketing Strategies


Change the way you market. Shift from traditional to inbound marketing. Attorneys love advertising. Just look at any billboard or turn on the TV. Billboards and commercials are pricey. But how well do they really work? Is it time to do something different? We’ve got some ideas on law firm inbound marketing strategies to share. […]

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips: Beyond the “We Miss You” Email


Our inboxes are full. There’s tremendous competition and noise. How can a marketer break through and reconnect with customers? Ecommerce email marketing is typically littered with time-sensitive offers and promotions to get users to the checkout. But what about those customers who have gone silent? They aren’t opening your emails or shopping on your site. […]

B2B Twitter Tips


Twitter can be a great platform for generating leads and brand awareness. B2B brands using Twitter must do so strategically. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you expect. Check out these 10 B2B Twitter tips. By incorporating these B2B Twitter tips, you can actually begin to see ROI (return on investment) for your efforts. Share […]

Social Media Imagery: Handy Tips to Optimize


Social media imagery is an important part of social media marketing. Posts with images get more views. It’s been proven time and time again. Think about it – how often do you click on links with images versus those without? Humans continue to have shorter and shorter attention spans, thus imagery helps pique their interest. […]

Conversion-Centered Design Continuance: Principle 7


We are at the end of our conversion-centered design series. Conversion-centered design continuance is actually about what happens after the conversion. You need to be thinking about the next step and how you can add value to the user. But it’s okay to ask for something. At this point, the user must have some trust […]