Six Quick Tips for B2B Email Marketing


Make every email count Hey, if you haven’t heard, inboxes are full. It’s valuable real estate. So it’s probably a good idea to optimize every element for your best chance at conversions. B2B email marketing focuses on some of the same best practices for consumer emails. But there are caveats that matter. And just to […]

Website Footer Best Practices


Is your website footer optimized? Here are a few best practices we recommend. Your website footer isn’t dead space! Visitors do actually scroll that far down. A study by Chartbeat looked at 25 million user sessions, finding that many users scroll as far as 1200 pixels down, which is about the size of two screens. […]

Six B2B Content Marketing Tips


Content marketing is an important part of any integrated marketing plan. Creating relevant, interesting content to educate, inspire and inform your readers attracts your target buyers. Content marketing doesn’t grow a brand overnight. It’s part of the foundation of an inbound marketing philosophy. It’s how you get users to trust and respect your brand as […]

Random Acts of Marketing Don’t Work


Do you have this uncomfortable feeling like your website and marketing are completely random? Although, you may be a subject matter expert in your industry or for your brand doesn’t mean you should have all the answers on how to market it. The simple truth is random acts of marketing don’t work. Website design and […]

Five Digital Marketing Myths Busted


Digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, most of it is kind of easy if you have the right team. The benefits of digital marketing far outweigh any risks. And your return on investment (ROI) from digital marketing is likely to be much greater than traditional marketing – if you can even calculate […]

Four Elements Websites Need to Support Content Marketing


Content marketing is not going to be effective without a modern website design. So before you start publishing content, consider these four elements websites need to support content marketing. Many brands have now realized the importance of content marketing. They are blogging and creating content formats to publish on their website. But this may be […]

Website Redesign Goals


Are you considering a website redesign? Maybe your layout is dated or not responsive. Or it’s just time for a refresh. Best practices recommend monthly updates on content and minor design changes and a redesign every 18 months to two years. But have you considered your website redesign goals? You need to be able to […]

Four Real Estate Inbound Marketing Tips


We love inbound marketing. We think it’s the strategy to make any business grow. Inbound marketing works in a variety of industries, both B2B and B2C. Today, we are sharing real estate inbound marketing ideas. Real estate has been an industry somewhat reluctant to get on the inbound bandwagon. Real estate firms are very attached […]

Is Bad Design Hurting Your Brand?


With so many great tools and a short learning curve, most business owners and entrepreneurs are confident in their design skills. Design is an important part of your brand. It touches every part from your website to your social media. Every time you post a blog or create a landing page, design is just as […]

Content Marketing 101


Content Marketing isn’t a new marketing principle; nor is it a fad or trend. Many would say it’s the future of marketing. However, there still seems to be confusion around exactly what it is and what it isn’t. And surprisingly, some of the biggest brands in the world still don’t understand it or how to […]