Website Redesign Goals


Are you considering a website redesign? Maybe your layout is dated or not responsive. Or it’s just time for a refresh. Best practices recommend monthly updates on content and minor design changes and a redesign every 18 months to two years. But have you considered your website redesign goals? You need to be able to […]

Conversion-Centered Design Continuance: Principle 7


We are at the end of our conversion-centered design series. Conversion-centered design continuance is actually about what happens after the conversion. You need to be thinking about the next step and how you can add value to the user. But it’s okay to ask for something. At this point, the user must have some trust […]

Conversion-Centered Design Principle 6: Closing

Now we are nearing the end of our conversion-centered design principles series. The principle of closing relates to closing the deal. This is where the user must make a decision. The clock is ticking, well figuratively at least. Your design and content got them to the landing page, but how can you optimize the close? Let’s […]

Conversion-Centered Design: Principle 5 – Credibility


For the fifth blog in the conversion-centered design series, we are talking about credibility. Credibility means that the user who lands on your landing page needs to feel like your brand is trustworthy. Just because you say it is, doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. If users are unfamiliar with your brand, which would be the majority […]

Conversion-Centered Design: Principle 4 – Congruence


This is the fourth blog in the series on conversion-centered design. So what is congruence? It’s probably not a word you use in everyday conversation. It’s really just a fancy word for agreement or harmony. This principle focuses specifically on ensuring that every element on your landing page is aligned with your goal. So that […]

Conversion Centered Design: Principle 3 – Clarity

In our third blog on conversion-centered design, we are focusing on principle three, clarity. Clarity simply means that the idea or element is clear and coherent. Easy right? Because no one has ever seen a confusing landing page! Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion and ambiguity in many landing pages, and it’s simply killing conversions. […]

Why You Need a Website Designer


Whether you are starting a new business or working on a rebrand, your website is one of the most important elements for marketing and sales. And although there are plenty of easy do it yourself applications for website design, there’s still a lot of reasons you need a website designer. To ensure success, your website […]

Conversion Centered Design: Principle 2 – Context

In the second blog on conversion centered design, we are tackling principle two, context. Context defined is the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. In conversion centered design, context means considering how the source got to your landing […]

Conversion Centered Design: Principle 1 – Attention

In a nutshell, conversion centered design is a design strategy that drives a user toward one action. Every web page you view typically has multiple actions you can take. With all these possible actions, how can you influence users to take the one you want them to the most? Enter Attention, the first principle of […]